Her First Rodeo On Sunset

Her First Rodeo On Sunset 

      We think of the Sunset strip as the iconic landmark of rock bands. Bars across the way, venues where the rock star hall of fame have performed…Viper Room, The Roxy and Whiskey A Go Go. 

       Now we can associate country music with the Sunset strip. It’s the location upcoming country singer Brooke Ansley shot her new music video ‘Whiskey Wednesday’ .

The music video is as fun as her song, a up beat & catchy tune. While some singers sing about being sad after a break up, Whiskey Wednesday is the complete opposite. Going out with your girls & having a good time, a feel good song. I often find myself singing the song, while the genre is country it could easily cross over to pop. 

Whiskey Wednesday

   I attended Brooke’s performance at SUNSESHLA, a private theater located inside a house in Los Angeles holding a capacity of 80 people. Her intimate performance was as beautiful as she is. 

It Ain’t You live at SunseshLA

   Brooke Ansley is gorgeous, kind & so sweet, she is the former Miss Maryland and Miss America contestant…more than just a pageant queen. She is the Director of Events for a nonprofit organization. When she is not writing music or singing, she is working on helping & finding a cure for cancer patients.
First Rodeo live at SunseshLA

 Special thanks to Brooke for inviting me to her performance. I am excited for her new EP titled “First Rodeo”, I know Whiskey Wednesday will be on the top Billboard Country Charts. 

Whiskey Wednesday is available now on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else.

For more info:

Instagram: @TheBrookeAnsley

Homepage – Full

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