Trance Goddess: JES

Trance Goddess: Jes 
The other day I was asked, “what is a trance legend?”

A trance legend is a trance music dj-producer that Dj’ed at internationally known mega nightclubs & big events such as Love Parade, along with producing classic hits during the 1990’s to early 2000’s. A time trance music was at its commercial peak , where dj-producers such as Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, PVD (Paul Van Dyk), Matt Darey & AVB (Armin Van Buuren) became known around the world for producing such great tracks. Those tracks are classics, where Dj’s still play today during their dj set. 
With so many male trance legends there has to be that one female, that would be Jes. A trance legend in her own right, but I choose to call her The Trance Goddess. For her vocals are so divine like, they transport you to another dimension. 
Jes is a multitalented artist, she’s a singer, producer, songwriter, dj.

I had the pleasure at being at her Dj set at Avalon Hollywood on the 22nd of April 2017. I was on stage, just behind the dj booth so I got to see her in action.

Yes, she’s actually dj’ing (as most Dj’s get accused as having a pre-set now & days), what is most unique is she sings live during her dj set.

I’ve been a dance music fan for 16yrs & a club-goer for 10, I’ve seen Dj’s dj & I have seen singers perform live to a dj. Never have I seen one artist dj and sing live, as Jes does. 

That was such a treat to see. 

Jes has collaborated with some of the best producers in dance music.
Here is a list of some tracks she’s been featured on:

Star Children by Paul Van Dyk (2001)

As The Rush Comes by Gabriel & Dresden (2004)

Everything by Tiësto (2007)

When Jes met Tiësto in 2006, he signed her to his record label Black Hole Recordings. She released her first solo album Disconnect.

 She’s known around the World for her Goddess like vocals & tracks. 

This multifaceted woman also has a weekly podcast, Unleash The Beat 

( ).

Be sure to tune into her weekly podcast & her new track ‘Fall Into You’ by Cosmic Gate ft. Jes.

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