About Miss Housexy

Welcome to Miss Housexy.com

Miss Housexy (Elizabeth) is a lover of fashion, music & entertainment industry.

A music lover since a young age, for music runs in her blood. Her grandfather was a musician, member of mariachi Aguilas Negras de Michoacán. Her dad used to be in a band, write music & always attend concerts. Taking Elizabeth since age 5, she would meet singers. Seeing how her dad got backstage. 

In her teen years she took choir classes, even skipping out of 6th period to take voice element course at the local college. At 17 she joined the church choir, because she just wanted to sing. Singing made her happy. During that time, the choir director had to take a leave of absence. For that month Elizabeth directed the choir. Taking over choir rehearsal & directing the vocalist & musicians during mass. It just came naturally to her. 

At 21 she was so shy & timid, but she always loved the entertainment world. Thank goodness she met a man that not only loved her, but encouraged & assisted her in becoming her full potential…her mentor Richard W. 

A Hollywood executive, he used to manage famous music talent such as Milli Vanilli, then moved to LA to become the music executive at a film company. Richard always encouraged Elizabeth to go out & have fun. She learned networking & schmoozing through him. He always advised her, listening to her loves, passions & ideas. 

  During that time Elizabeth met her favorite dj/producer Matt Darey, it was as if destiny brought them together. She assisted in online promotions & ran his VIP club. She had the fabulous idea of having Matt be in a magazine. Without his consent, she got in touch with the editor in chief of Tilllate USA Magazine. When she told Matt it was to schedule the interview.

Due to her expertise the A&R of Hed Kandi America, Mikey Gallagher asked her to promote the summer pool parties in Las Vegas. A life dream, as her favorite EDM record label since a teenager was Ministry of Sound owner of Hed Kandi & Housexy. 

[With house music recording artist, Papa Joe Aviance]

In 2014 she was asked to promote for the hottest nightclub in Los Angeles, Create Nightclub. Not work at all, for she just wanted to socialize & make sure everyone was having a splendid time.

2015 she started a new interest, voice overs. Asked by DJ Lawrence Anthony based out of London, to make intros for his radio show PCR radio. She found she loved it & was quite good.

At this time Miss Housexy is living life to the fullest, pursuing her dreams & goals. 

Learning of her hidden talents. She is a certified freelance MUA (makeup artist) & a blogger. For years she was told by several people in the fashion, film & music industry “you should blog”.

At the beginning of 2017, her friend Vernon ( www.movernie.com ) asked her if she would collaborate with him. Blogging about events in Los Angeles as he lives in Toronto.

A natural social butterfly, interviewer & writer. 
She knows her future looks promising, as long as she follows her dreams & makes them a reality. 
Did I forget to mention, Miss Housexy (Elizabeth) modeled for Xpressions Magazine May 2017 issue. 

Thank you for visiting MissHousexy.com, feel free to contact her if you need a MUA, voice over or would like your event to be blogged about.

MUA by Elizabeth 

Styled by Elizabeth 

Photographer by Danny of Little Room Studio and Cristen Geller Photography